An Overview On Commercial Insurance

Part of what makes running your own business such a thrilling experience is taking calculated risks and seeing them pay off. However, a savvy businessperson is aware that a disaster could strike at any moment and force the business to close its doors. Moreover, if you have employees, assets, and running contracts, the law requires you to have business insurance.

Nonetheless, as insurance might not be one of the fields you have specialized in, you might feel out of your depth when looking into commercial insurance coverage. CO Insurance Specialist, which serves the people of Wheat Ridge Co and other parts of Colorado, understands how insurance can be a hard topic to comprehend. Thus, our experts have taken the initiative to help you know the basics of commercial insurance, so you can be more knowledgeable when choosing your coverage.

What is Commercial Insurance?

Also known as business insurance, it is an insurance product meant to protect a business, its owner, and the employees. But as there are different types of businesses, there is no one-size-fits-all commercial insurance policy. As such, the type of coverage you choose relies on the business you are in.
Nonetheless, most commercial insurance policies incorporate basic coverages such as liability, property, auto, crime insurance, as well as other optional but necessary coverages such as equipment breakdown insurance, workers compensation, and business interruption insurance.

In spite of that, there are two main commercial insurance coverage options, and they include Commercial Property and Commercial Liability policies.
A commercial property coverage protects your business assets – buildings, equipment, vehicles, stock, furniture, etc. – against theft, floods, fires, vandalism, and more.
A commercial liability coverage protects you against any claims for damages caused by either your business operations or as a result of using your products.

CO Insurance Specialist has many other customized commercial insurance packages designed to fit your type of business. Thus, if you are in Wheat Ridge, CO, give us a visit us or contact us, and we will be glad to serve you.