CO Insurance Specialist offers Commercial Insurance

Commercial insurance is important in protecting your business investment. Whether you operate a retail business or offer other services to your community, your business needs insurance coverage specific to your area. Contact CO Insurance Specialist for information and quotes. We understand your commercial business is your livelihood, and we can help you obtain the commercial insurance coverage to keep it going in case of disaster.

Disasters can strike from out of the blue. The damages are expensive to repair, business services can be interrupted for an indeterminate amount of time, and revenue can be severely impacted. You can reduce much of the stress associated with such events by considering your options now. It pays to plan ahead. Be prepared for the unthinkable so that you can have greater peace of mind. Contact our independent agents at CO Insurance Specialist and we will research multiple insurance providers to find the best rates for the most solid coverage that will work for your specific commercial insurance needs.

While the state of Colorado regulates insurance and sets minimum insurance coverage limits, this may not be enough to help you recover from an unfortunate incident. Perhaps minimum insurance coverage works for you: we can help you with that. Perhaps you’d prefer more extensive commercial insurance coverage: we can do that as well. We’ll provide current information so you can see what your options are. We’ll help you determine the specific needs of your commercial business, and then we’ll show you what rates are available at this time. No mater what quotes we find for you, they’ll be the best available and they may even be better than what you already have now. Contact CO Insurance Specialist for a discussion that may save you money.


What Kind of Commercial Insurance Do You Need?

Commercial insurance is not something that you can get without taking some time to consider all of your options. Just like there are many different kinds of businesses, there are also many different kinds of commercial insurance policies out there to meet the needs of these businesses. That is why you cannot find a policy that will meet your needs perfectly in a one-size fits all manner. To help you through this daunting process, we have included some tips to help you determine the kind of commercial insurance that you need. 

  • Take a long look at your business. There are many different components of your business that you should consider for insurance purposes. For example, if you have employees, you may want to consider a workers compensation policy. If your employees drive company vehicles, you may want to consider a commercial auto policy. When you take the time to look at your business and the way it operates, then you can really get a good idea of what you need in a commercial insurance policy.
  • Try to find a policy that will bundle all of your insurance needs. This is a great way to get a cheaper rate for your insurance and you would be surprised by how many companies would do this. 
  • Talk with a professional. Even if you look your business from an insurance standpoint, it can be difficult to see everything you need since you are not trained in insurance. Be sure to talk to a professional to see what you may have missed and for further ideas to protect your company.

If you would like some further assistance with your search, contact us today at CO Insurance Specialist. We can help you figure out what you need and then find you a policy that meets those needs perfectly. 

Driverless Cars Are a Risk. What do Businesses do Now?

Just when you thought Namaste India and Goombas Pizza Grinder in Arvada, Colorado, in zip code 80002, would benefit from driverless cars, some insurance companies have categorized driverless cars as a risk. As such, businesses that were interested in using the service may have to take a second look prior to incorporating driverless cars into their business strategy.

Understanding Driverless Cars
Driverless cars is a technology introduced by Google. These cars operate by the push of a button from passengers. For many businesses, the technology would have transformed their business model. Construction companies and delivery services are two of the businesses that could save money by utilizing Google’s driverless cars.

Risks Equal Higher Costs in Insurance
Commercial insurance, much like consumer insurance, is rated based on risks. When companies are a higher risk to insurance companies, their insurance costs increase. Industries, driver safety, and past accidents are all risk factors that companies are rated on to determine the cost of their insurance annually. However, driverless cars aren’t a risk because they are unsafe. They are a risk because they may affect the cost of insurance overall, which is a risk to the insurance industry. 

If your fleet manager is interested in adding driverless cars to your fleet in the future, you should get quotes for insurance from one of your local insurance agents beforehand. Although driverless cars seem safe, they could effectively increase your bottom line since they are considered a risk. Your local insurance agent can help you determine whether driverless cars will help you by considering a lot of factors, including how many cars you will employ and your current risk factors. For businesses suffering from multiple at-fault accidents, driverless cars may help alleviate some risks, which may ultimately make the technology cost efficient.

Is Usage-Based Auto Insurance Right for You?

Wheat Ridge, Colorado is a great place to hike and explore nature. From the mountains to the lakes, there is so much to see, which is why a lot of residents like to call Wheat Ridge home. Wheat Ridge’s appeal doesn’t stop at residents, but many businesses call Wheat Ridge home as well.

Increasing costs of operations have many businesses looking for ways to cut costs, especially when it comes to insurance costs. In fact, many managers may be contemplating purchasing user-based insurance products in order to reduce the amount of money that’s paid out each month.

What is user-based insurance?

Promoted as a safety and cost-efficient tool, user-based insurance allows consumers and businesses, especially businesses with fleets, to receive discounts on their auto insurance based on their driving, which is measured using telematics. With user-based insurance, insurance agencies and businesses can monitor driver’s behaviors and how much they actually drive, in real-time.

Is user-based insurance right for you?

The best way to determine whether user-based insurance is right for your business is to speak with an insurance agent. Insurance agents are aware of the risks their agencies take into consideration when rating insurance. Based on this information, your local insurance agent will be able to determine whether your business can save money by measuring driver’s behaviors.

In truth, user-based insurance is a win-win for all involved. Companies that hire safe drivers are rewarded for reducing risks, insurance companies do not have to pay out large claims, and drivers are safe on the road. For companies with bad drivers, their insurance companies can keep them informed about driver’s behaviors so that they can correct the problems that persist. If you are in the market for commercial insurance, contact our local office to inquire about usage-based technologies that can save your business money and reduce the number of accidents your business has each year.

What You Need to Have Before Getting a Commercial Insurance Quote

If you have ever owned a business and suffered a financial loss caused by an unforeseen disaster, then you know the benefits that a commercial insurance policy can have. This kind of policy has many parts to it that work to protect your business from financial losses. To help you get the commercial insurance quotes in Arvada, CO, here are some things that you will want to have before starting the process.

Getting Organized for an Insurance Quote

  • If you currently have an insurance policy, you will want to have a copy of it when getting a new quote. This allows you to compare the old policy with the new quote. It also gives you the information that you need to match up each coverage benefit for an accurate quote.
  • You will also want to have driver information if you have a fleet of cars that service your company. You can add auto coverage to protect your cars and each driver that works for you by adding this type of coverage.
  • You will also want to know how much merchandise protection you need. This means that you will need to know what your inventory is worth. This way you can be sure that your policy coverage limits are high enough to cover everything.

If you live in zip code 80002 and are looking for a quote for commercial insurance, then our agents can help you. Give us a call today and let us provide you with the information you need in order to make an informed decision regarding your insurance needs. As your agent we can answer all your questions and provide you with a policy to meet your insurance needs.

Commercial Insurance: Benefits, Coverage and Options

In Colorado, the air is crisp and the opportunities are limitless. Seasonal arrivals deliver farmers’ markets, organic grocery stores and harvest farm activities. The Rocky Mountain National Park is always available for hikes, and the Breckenridge international Snow Sculpture Championships exemplify state culture while providing fantastic artwork collections.


Business Investment and Opportunities


Such a lush, evocative area is home to a thriving business market, and many industry leaders maintain high-quality insurance coverage when navigating business options. Often, commercial investment requires sustainability and scale; becoming a commercial real estate professional, or a corporate manager, requires intensive protection within the following areas provided through commercial insurance agents:


  • Employee protection

  • Property damage

  • Liability

  • Property extensions


Coverage Benefits


Mitigating risk while protecting investments is vital, and it promotes long-term growth. Risk, like many expenses and liabilities, is a constant factor, and many business insurance options protect investments while sheltering a thriving company. Small, medium and large-sized companies benefit from commercial insurance, and they often obtain the following benefits:


  • Customizable coverage for highly specialized industries

  • Dedicated underwriting services

  • Claim control services

  • Risk control services


Quote Comparisons for Commercial Professionals


Our wide array of insurance coverage quotes guarantees multiple avenues for aspiring professionals. While state regulations may differ depending upon specific spheres, most commercial coverage spans across, and accommodates for, the following areas:


  • Commercial automobile insurance

  • Commercial general liability insurance

  • Commercial property insurance

  • Commercial umbrella insurance


The above coverage areas contain a wide array of amenities for industry decision makers, and many reimburse insured parties suffering financial loss. When property is damaged or destroyed, coverage absorbs expenses—relieving a business from undue harm. While many coverage types are expandable and customizable, different providers offer alternative quotes—and maintaining industry knowledge is important. Our services guarantee wide breadth when seeking commercial solutions—so visitors always know their options.