Homeowners Insurance and Liability

While most people have a homeowner’s insurance policy, they typically only think of insurance when the home is damaged in some way by a storm. However, homeowners insurance also provides liability protection. Here are some facts about homeowner’s liability insurance in Wheat Ridge, CO from CO Insurance Specialist.


Suppose someone comes to your home, slips on a sidewalk, and falls, breaking a bone. What happens if your dog bites a delivery person who later needs stitches? Your homeowners’ policy will likely pay for the reasonable medical bills that your visitors incur as a result of these accidents.  Even some unusual occurrences may be covered. For instance, if you serve dinner to guests and they become terribly ill from food poisoning, requiring hospitalization, your homeowner’s insurance may cover their medical bills. 

Dog Bites

Dog bites may be covered or they may be excluded. Certain breeds of dogs may be excluded from coverage with some policies. Also, if your dog has previously bitten someone, your insurance company may notify you that they will not cover liability related to a dog bite. If you own a dog, you should ask your agent about your dog bite coverage before you are faced with this kind of situation.

Personal Liability

If a member of your family does something foolish, injuring someone else or causing damage to someone else’s property, you may be protected from a lawsuit by some homeowner’s policies. For instance, if your child gets into a fight at school and hurts someone else, your liability insurance may protect you from a lawsuit.

Property Damage

Suppose your child hits a baseball through a neighbor’s window, breaking it. It’s possible that your homeowner’s policy may pay for the costs of repairing the damage to your neighbor’s home. If your tree falls on a neighbor’s car, your insurance may cover the repairs. 

There are limits to liability coverage, so you can see your agent and find out more information on liability insurance. To ask questions about homeowner’s insurance in the Wheat Ridge, CO area, contact CO Insurance Specialist.