How Flexible is Your Classic Car Insurance?

Your classic car likely brings you a lot of joy. Even other drivers and passengers in their cars will turn their heads and have a happy moment when they see you drive by. The feel of the leather seats, the sound of the old and well-kept engine, stepping back to a simpler time. The reasons for enjoying a classic car can go on and on. There may be even more when it comes to classic car insurance with CO Insurance Specialist. We serve classic car enthusiasts in Wheat Ridge CO and the rest of the state. 

What Should You Ask When It Comes to Your Classic Car Insurance? 

  • Are There Mileage Limits? Ask this question to protect yourself if you drive your classic car often. Sometimes there are no limits, but there can be a limit on the mileage you can put on your car and still have classic car insurance to protect it. 
  • Can You Save Money If It is Not Your Daily Driver? The answer is likely yes, but be sure to check and find out about possible savings and driving limitations. 
  • What is The Difference in Agreed and Stated Value?  You and your insurer will need to come to an agreement about the car’s value in order to have classic car insurance. With a new vehicle, this is easy as looking up the stated value, but classic car values can vary greatly. 
  • Can my Race Car Qualify for Classic Car Insurance? Maybe, but you will need to agree to any limitations and your car will have to qualify by age and other factors. Be sure to ask our agent. 

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