Home Insurance Requirements and Coverage Options

One of the largest, most exciting investments you will make in your lifetime is the purchase of your home and you will want to protect it properly through an excellent home insurance policy. The agents the CO Insurance Specialist in Wheat Ridge, CO are prepared to help you create the best home insurance policy for you and your situation.

If you have a mortgage or second mortgage on your home, you will probably be required to have a home insurance policy by your lender and even if you do not, it is a good idea to have a home insurance policy in place anyway.

Coverage Options of Home Insurance

Home insurance is designed to protect your investment in your house if it is damaged or destroyed by a fire, natural disaster, or vandalism. It will also cover your personal property, including your clothing, appliances, and furniture. It also includes liability insurance so that you are covered if someone is injured while visiting your home due to some sort of accident or mishap. If your home is broken into and items are stolen, your home insurance will help replace those items.

You and your home insurance agent can determine if other buildings and structures on your property are going to be covered. This part of your policy can include coverage for structures, such as sheds, decks, and garages.

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To create the best home insurance policy for you and your situation, call upon the agents at the CO Insurance Specialist in Wheat Ridge, CO for a quote and an appointment to get your policy started so your beautiful home is covered and you have the solace in knowing that your investment is safe.

Who’s Covered by Your Auto Insurance Policy?

Like many people, you may loan out your vehicle from time to time to visit relatives or close friends. Before trusting others with your car, however, take time to review your auto insurance to ensure they’re protected by your coverage. You don’t want to be held responsible for damages if your relative or friend has an accident while driving your vehicle. In general, here’s how auto insurance from CO Insurance Specialist works to protect others who drive your vehicle.

Visiting Relatives

Visiting relatives are covered under your auto policy when occasionally driving your vehicle as long as they have a valid driver’s license and you’ve given them permission to drive your car. It’s important to be selective, however, in who you allow to drive your car. By sticking to safe drivers, there’s less chance of someone having an accident. You may also want to restrict their driving to safe areas in Wheat Ridge, CO to reduce the risk of accidents, theft, or vandalism.


Friends are also protected by your auto insurance as long as they have a valid driver’s license and permission to drive your car. It’s important to note that auto insurance follows the vehicle, not the driver. If your friend causes an accident while driving your vehicle, your insurance will pay for damages, which may affect your insurance costs. That’s why it’s important to be selective in who you allow to drive your car. 

Members of Your Household

All members of your household who have a valid driver’s license are protected by your auto insurance policy as long as they have permission to drive your vehicle. We recommend they be listed on your policy to receive the full benefits of your coverage. 

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Who in Colorado needs home insurance?

In the Wheat Ridge, CO area, owning a home can be a great long-term investment. Not only will it ensure that you have a stable place to live, but it can also provide you with a great investment for your future. If you do purchase a home here, you will want to protect that investment as well as you can. A great way to do this is by getting home insurance. There are several situations when someone here will need to have this insurance coverage.

When Taking Out a Loan

One situation when you will need to get home insurance is when you intend to take out a loan. Most people here will finance their home purchase with a mortgage. When you do get a mortgage, the lender is going to have some specific requirements that need to be met. This can include requiring that you escrow monthly for your home insurance payments, which ensures there will not be a coverage lapse.

When Trying to Protect Home

Even if you do not have specific insurance requirements, you should still look to get coverage simply to protect your asset. Your home is a very major and important asset that you need to cover and protect. With home insurance, you will have the coverage needed to protect this investment. 

It continues to be very important for people all over the Wheat Ridge, CO area to get home insurance. If you are going to look for a new insurance policy here, you should get guidance from someone that is experienced. The team at the CO Insurance Specialist can help you build a policy that is right for your situation. CO Insurance Specialist will review your specific needs to ensure that you are building a policy that gives great coverage and adequately protects your home. 

Three things to know about classic car insurance in Colorado

If you are the owner of a classic car, you need to buy a special kind of insurance known as classic car insurance. At CO Insurance Specialist, we offer classic car insurance to vehicle owners in Wheat Ridge, CO.

The following are three things that you should know about classic car insurance in Colorado.

Classic car insurance is designed for a vehicle that will hold its value.

There are several things that are unique about classic cars in comparison with standard automobiles when it comes to insurance policies. For one thing, classic cars tend to hold their value and not depreciate in value the way that standard vehicles do.

Therefore, classic car insurance policies often are based on an agreed-upon value rather than actual market value. That’s because classic cars depreciate little over time and may even increase in value.

How often you drive- or if you drive- your classic car will influence your policy.

Classic car owners don’t drive their vehicles as often as they would a standard vehicle. The less you drive your vehicle, the less expensive it is to insure.

Your insurance company is going to want to know if you drive your classic car often. You might not drive your classic car at all but only tow it to classic automobile shows. Vehicle usage will impact your policy terms and premium. 

Classic car owners sometimes opt for zero deductible policies. 

Zero deductible policies are often available for classic car policies. If you want a zero-deductible policy, ask your insurance provider about zero deductible classic car policy options. 

Are you ready to find the right classic car insurance policy for your needs? If so, it’s time to get in touch with us at CO Insurance Specialist. Contact us and we’ll answer all your questions about classic car insurance in Wheat Ridge, CO. 

Why do people need auto insurance in Colorado?

Those that live in the Wheat Ridge, CO area will have access to many great local amenities including the city of Denver and the nearby mountains. When you are living here, owning a car will make it much easier to get to all of these great destinations. Along with getting a car, you also need to get a proper auto insurance policy. There are several reasons why someone here needs to get this coverage.

Insurance is Required by State Law

One reason that people here will need to get an auto insurance policy is that it is required by state law. In Colorado, anyone that wants to drive a car on a public road is required by law to carry liability auto insurance at all times. This law wants to ensure that you have the capacity to pay for any damages that may be caused in an accident. If you do not have this coverage, you could be penalized. 

Insurance Required by Lender

Many people that purchase cars do so with the use of an auto loan. When you take out an auto loan, the lender will have insurance requirements that need to be met to protect their collateral. Usually, you will need a full policy with collision and comprehensive coverage. 

It is clearly important that anyone in the Wheat Ridge, CO area get proper auto insurance. If you are looking for a new auto insurance policy here, you should make sure that you speak with someone that can give you proper guidance. The team at the CO Insurance Specialist can help you build and choose an appropriate policy. The team at CO Insurance Specialist is able to do this by helping you understand all of your options and needed and building an appropriate policy accordingly. 

Exposing Some Common Misconceptions About Condo Insurance

 Based in Wheat Ridge, CO, CO Insurance specialist serves the community by offering residents multiple types of insurance policies. We take pride in offering our clients excellent customer service. We want to help our clients find policies that will enable them to take care of what matters most. As an independent agency, we offer our clients a wide variety of options.

Condo Insurance

If you are staying in a Wheat Ridge, CO condo, condo insurance allows you to protect your personal items if you are a victim of theft. The policy also covers any damages to your unit’s structure; including the ceiling, floors, and walls. Make sure that you take inventory of the personal items inside of your unit to help receive a fair assessment of their value. This is important because you will have a foundation in place to rely on if your belongings are stolen. While you are researching different policies, avoid these common misconceptions about condo insurance.

Remember that everything that you own has some type of value. Many people make the mistake of thinking that condo insurance isn’t necessary because they don’t have any valuable items. Accidents can happen at any time, and a condo insurance policy will cover you if an accidental fire starts or a flood damages your stuff. The policy acts as a safety tool in case a disaster arises.

Perhaps you have heard that condo insurance isn’t necessary because you have coverage through the building’s owner. This is also a mistake to avoid. If something were to happen inside your unit, you may be held liable for the losses if you don’t have coverage. This is especially true if you invite someone else over and they get injured while visiting your unit.

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Biggest Issues for Small Businesses

Growing a small business and making sure it survives can be challenging. There are a few issues that you should be aware of if you own and operate a small business.

Health Insurance for Employees

You’re considered a small business if have 50 employees or less. If you decide to provide group health insurance for them, it can be difficult to manage the financial responsibility, but having the right insurance agents can give you peace of mind. Talk it over with your independent insurance agents in Wheat Ridge, CO at CO Insurance Specialist to find how health insurance can benefit you and your employees.

Overworking Yourself

Getting a business going takes lots of long hours and more patience. It may be years before you’re no longer working 80 hours a week. Just remember that your hard work will pay off if you’re motivated. Balancing your work and life is a top challenge that many business owners face. Try to take a few hours a week to decompress. Schedule a spa visit or hit the gym to let off some steam, so you don’t become too exhausted to enjoy your success.

Managing Your Money

You can’t do it all. Just because you’re a fantastic cook and your restaurant is packed every night, doesn’t mean that you can manage the books yourself. Having someone else manage your finances will let someone else see where your vulnerabilities lie. They’ll be able to see where you need to make cuts and where you can invest. If hiring someone is a task, then have a friend or relative take a look. You can barter their bookkeeping skills by helping them with something they need, like moving.

Commercial insurance is the best protection you can give to your business. Go to Wheat Ridge, CO today, and speak with an agent at the CO Insurance Specialist.

How can classic car insurance protect someone in Wheat Ridge?

If you are in the Wheat Ridge, CO area, and love cars, there is a good chance that owning a classic car is an ultimate dream. With a classic car, you can have a prized possession that you are proud of while also making a unique investment. To ensure that you are as protected as possible, you should get a classic car insurance policy. These insurance policies can protect someone in a number of ways. 

Provides Liability Coverage

One way that your classic car insurance policy can protect you is by providing liability coverage. Similar to any other type of car, those that own a classic car are obligated to carry liability insurance. However, classic car owners tend to drive far less and therefore are lower liability risks. A classic car insurance policy will properly reflect this reduced liability risk, which could be advantageous compared to a standard auto insurance policy.

Covers Vehicle Value

Another advantage of a classic car insurance policy is that it can properly protect the vehicle’s value. A classic car can appreciate in value over time, which is compared to standard vehicles that tend to lose value. When you get a classic car insurance policy, you can work with the provider to ensure the collectible value of the vehicle is properly reflected. 

Ultimately, a classic car insurance policy can provide you with amazing protection and benefits. When you are looking for insurance in the Wheat Ridge, CO area, you should reach out to the CO Insurance Specialist. When you speak with the team at CO Insurance Specialist, you can learn a lot more about how this insurance will protect you. This can help to ensure that you and your classic car are properly covered by insurance at all times. 

Is Home Insurance a Legal Requirement in Wheat Ridge?

When it comes to your legal requirements and insurance, the facts aren’t always clear. You may have heard that you need home insurance if you purchase a property in Wheat Ridge, CO, but is this a fact? CO Insurance Specialist wants you to learn more about it so that you’re on the right side of the law. 

The Answer Depends

Like so many things in life, the question that you’re asking is dependent on whether or not you own the property outright. If you’re financing the home, the lender is going to want to protect their investment, which is why they’ll typically require a certain amount of coverage from different events. What your lender requires will depend on their regulations, but you do not legally need home insurance if the property does not have a lien on it. So if your parent gifted you a home that they paid off 10 years ago, you do not technically need home insurance. 

The Case for Having It Anyway 

No matter how you came into the property and how much it’s worth, having home insurance is a way to protect yourself from a wide variety of events. From flooding to fires to vandalism, you should really be looking out for the land and structure you own. Property owners in Wheat Ridge, CO who look out for their homes are also looking out for their community as well — the more people take the time to guard their investment, the more everyone’s property will be worth. 

If you have questions about getting a policy or you’re thinking of changing the one you already have, CO Insurance Specialist is here to help. Give us a call to learn more about our company and what we can do for you. 

Auto Insurance for New Drivers

It can be exciting for Wheat Ridge, CO drivers hopping behind the wheel of their new car, ready to hit the road. Maybe they’re just getting their license or maybe they’re buying their own new car. Either way, the most important thing for new drivers to do is to get insurance. Of course, many new drivers may be unfamiliar with auto insurance and how they can be covered with it. Luckily, the experts at CO Insurance Specialist has put together a handy guide that explains the auto insurance basics that every new driver should know. Learn the in’s and out’s of auto insurance with CO Insurance Specialist. 

What Does Auto Insurance Cover? 

In a nutshell, auto insurance provides financial coverage in the event that you get into an auto accident. If you’re unfamiliar with auto insurance protection, here are some areas in which auto insurance provides coverage: 

  • Liability 
  • Injury
  • Property Damage
  • Repair Costs
  • Comprehensive Coverage

These are just some of the areas in which you can receive coverage from auto insurance. The specific type of coverage and the amount of coverage you can receive will depend on the auto insurance policy you choose. To find the right auto insurance policy for you, visit CO Insurance Specialist for a consultation. 

Why Is Auto Insurance Important?

If you’re a new driver, then auto insurance should be the most important thing. Life is unpredictable and accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. Nobody ever wants to plan for an accident, but it’s always better to have coverage and never need it than it is to never have coverage and find yourself needing it. Plus, having insurance takes the stress out of worrying if you’re covered financially in the case of an accident. 

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