How Flexible is Your Classic Car Insurance?

Your classic car likely brings you a lot of joy. Even other drivers and passengers in their cars will turn their heads and have a happy moment when they see you drive by. The feel of the leather seats, the sound of the old and well-kept engine, stepping back to a simpler time. The reasons for enjoying a classic car can go on and on. There may be even more when it comes to classic car insurance with CO Insurance Specialist. We serve classic car enthusiasts in Wheat Ridge CO and the rest of the state. 

What Should You Ask When It Comes to Your Classic Car Insurance? 

  • Are There Mileage Limits? Ask this question to protect yourself if you drive your classic car often. Sometimes there are no limits, but there can be a limit on the mileage you can put on your car and still have classic car insurance to protect it. 
  • Can You Save Money If It is Not Your Daily Driver? The answer is likely yes, but be sure to check and find out about possible savings and driving limitations. 
  • What is The Difference in Agreed and Stated Value?  You and your insurer will need to come to an agreement about the car’s value in order to have classic car insurance. With a new vehicle, this is easy as looking up the stated value, but classic car values can vary greatly. 
  • Can my Race Car Qualify for Classic Car Insurance? Maybe, but you will need to agree to any limitations and your car will have to qualify by age and other factors. Be sure to ask our agent. 

Contact us at CO Insurance Specialist to find out how we can save you on classic car insurance in Wheat Ridge, CO. 

Choosing the Best Wheat Ridge, CO Commercial Insurance

Having commercial insurance is an important part of operating a business. If you are not covered correctly, your Wheat Ridge, CO company could be at risk. You also want to make sure you are protecting your employees and customers. You can do that in quite a few different ways, but insurance is one of the ways you will want to focus on. Here is what you should know when choosing your insurance from CO Insurance Specialist.

Not All Businesses Need the Same Type of Insurance

There are a lot of different kinds of businesses, and they all have different insurance needs. A large, industrial company will not need the same kind of coverage as a small office. That is important to keep in mind. While you want to have enough coverage, you also do not want a lot of coverage that is really not needed. Knowing what your business really needs can help you choose the right policy.

Working With an Agent You Trust Helps

One of the best ways to get proper coverage is to work with a trusted company and agent. Then you have the peace of mind that comes with working with a professional, and you can get all your commercial insurance questions answered. An agent can tell you about your options, and help you pick the one that will give you the coverage you need.

As Your Needs Change, So Should Your Insurance

Your commercial business may grow and develop over time. If it does your insurance needs will change, too. Contact us at CO Insurance Specialist today, and let us help you get the right commercial policy for your Wheat Ridge, CO business. Then you can have peace of mind all the time, even as your business continues to grow.

Understanding your options for home insurance in Colorado

Colorado residents face a lot of potentially damaging weather conditions, from hail storms to flooding and excessive snowfall. If you are a homeowner in the greater Wheat Ridge, CO area, it’s time to meet with the team at CO Insurance Specialist to find out more about your coverage options. There are many different types of home insurance available in Colorado which can sometimes make the policy selection process overwhelming. 

There are a Variety of Home Insurance Options Available

Finding the right insurance policy to protect your home is an important decision for many different reasons. Your home is likely your largest financial investment and where your family feels safe and secure. Don’t leave the protection of this important part of your life to chance. A comprehensive home insurance policy can protect your home and belongings and help you make it through many catastrophes. Life can be unpredictable and knowing that you have protection in place can help to give you the peace of mind that you need to live a stress-free life. 

Whether you have a workshop or other outbuilding that needs to be included in your policy, or you have a lot of expensive personal items that need coverage, there is a policy that is appropriate for your needs. Working with a professional agent can help you make the selection process more streamlined and efficient and help you get the coverage that you and your family need. With the correct home insurance policy, you can meet all of your coverage needs.

Call or stop by CO Insurance Specialist today and meet with our helpful team to learn more about your home insurance options. We are proud to serve the Wheat Ridge, CO area and look forward to working with you soon!

Should I call the police if I’m in an accident?

What to Do If You’re In an Accident In Colorado

Drivers in Wheat Ridge, CO have to follow certain legal requirements, such as carrying a minimum required amount of automobile insurance. Even the most careful driver may be involved in an accident, and if you do, the first thing you should do is stop in the safest, closest place possible. You may need to move out of a travel lane, or even to a safer place like a police station if you are in a dangerous area.

One of your most important duties at the scene of an accident is to exchange information with the other driver or drivers. You need to provide your contact information, including your full name and address, and your registration and insurance information. A requirement Colorado has which most states don’t is that it requires anyone involved in an accident to file a report.

Collecting Information

You also need to get that information from the other driver. Besides fulfilling your legal requirements, you need to collect as much other information as possible about the crash. You should take pictures and get any witnesses’ information if there are any. If there is a lawsuit later, you need to have as much information as possible about what happened. 

Calling the Police

You are only required to call the police after an accident if someone is injured, if the accident caused damage to public property, or if the accident involves a crime like hit-and-run or operating under the influence. You can call your agent at CO Insurance Specialist to discuss what is happening too.

You will be safer calling the police after an accident, though, because the responding officer will be another witness who collects information. You can’t always trust the other drivers, so it’s better to protect yourself. If you live in Wheat Ridge, CO and have any questions about what happens after an accident, or if you want to discuss your policy, feel free to call CO Insurance Specialist today.

Important Information for Classic Car Owners Who Store Their Vehicle at a Storage Facility

Are you a classic car enthusiast? If you have worked on restoring a car, or have invested in a classic car, you understand that in most cases these vehicles are both an investment and a hobby. Many of the classic car owners in the greater Wheat Ridge, CO area store their classic cars in temperature-controlled storage facilities away from their homes. The team at CO Insurance Specialist can help you navigate the insurance process in such instances where your car is not kept at your primary residence. 

Is your classic car at a storage unit?

When your car is kept at a location outside of your primary residence, your insurance needs may be different than you think. Classic cars represent a significant investment in both time and money, and it is important that you have the protection you need. If your car stays mainly in a garage and you take it out to classic car shows in the summer, your coverage needs will be different than someone who uses their classic car on a more frequent basis. It is important to review your policy for coverage levels and protection that is in line with your usage. Storage facilities that are away from your home, can require a separate policy in some cases. Whatever your usage levels are, wouldn’t it be nice to have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are protected?

Do you want to make sure that your beloved classic car or cars have adequate insurance, no matter where they are? The team at CO Insurance Specialist is here to answer your questions and provide you with information pertaining to your classic car insurance options in the greater Wheat Ridge, CO area.

Does Commercial Insurance Cover Damage From Hail?

Businesses are faced with a wide variety of threats, including damage from a hail storm. Hail damage is one of the most costly types of damage in the country and affects many businesses yearly. That is why it is important to know if a business is covered if they receive damage from a hail storm.

Hail Damage To A Business

Having adequate commercial insurance will protect a business from threats such as hail damage. Most commercial insurance policies have this coverage built in, but it’s important to make sure before purchasing a policy. If the policy does not have the coverage built in, find out if there is an option to purchase a rider to get protection to avoid losses. No one knows when hail will be a threat, which is why it is important to not take chances when it comes to nature. 

Getting The Right Coverage

Fiding the right type of commercial coverage can mean having security and protection from potential disastrous events such as hail. Before selecting a commercial insurance policy, make sure to work with an insurance provider who is experienced in the industry and has a reputation for excellent customer service. People who own businesses in or around the Wheat Ridge, CO area, know that they can count on CO Insurance Specialist to guide them through the process of selecting the right insurance with the right features built in for their individual needs. 

Anyone who is interested in finding high quality, dependable insurance that can protect from threats as a result of the weather should stop by or call the CO Insurance Specialist to get more information and discover products designed to protect the business owners in and around the Wheat Ridge, CO area. 

Quick Spring Cleaning Ideas

Need to give your home a quick dust-off for spring? There are a few ideas that can get your home ready for the upcoming season. In Wheat Ridge, CO, you’re invited to visit the CO Insurance Specialist place to talk with an independent agent about acquiring homeowners insurance.

Start with Your Carpets and Upholstery

Over the last few months, you probably didn’t worry about the carpets or upholstery too much. Now that the curtains are drawn back, it’s easier to see the dust, dirt, and pet care buildup in the natural light.

Start your spring cleaning process with a deep clean of your carpets. You can either rent a deep clean vacuum or hire a company to clean the carpets for you. Many companies will also clean your fabric-covered sofas, chairs, and couches.

Do-It-Yourself All-Purpose Cleaners

For a general-purpose cleaning, you can use a non-abrasive cleanser that is easy to use and you can make right at home. You probably already have many of these items on hand.

  • Baking soda and water – mix the two to the consistency of a paste. This is good for tubs, tile, and grout. Leave the paste on the surface for a few minutes and then rub with a scrub brush.
  • White vinegar, water, and a lemon rind – place in a spray bottle to use on glass showers, mirrors, and wall smudges. It can also deodorize your trash cans.
  • Add a little salt to white vinegar – this is good for cleaning items that are made of brass.

To take care of your home, the first thing you will need is homeowners insurance. Stop into the CO Insurance Specialist in Wheat Ridge, CO to purchase insurance. The expert independent insurance agents will also be able to guide you for your auto, commercial, and life insurance needs.

Top Seven Tips to Car Care

Top Seven Tips to Car Care

Your vehicle is your investment, and you want to keep it on the road and as long-lasting as possible.  If you live in the Wheat Ridge, CO area, you know that the extreme weather can take a toll on your vehicle.  Here are some tips to help take care of your car.

1.    Check the oil on a regular basis and have the oil and oil filter changed as indicated. 

2.    Have the cooling system flushed and the coolant changed annually to prevent corrosion and deposits from forming in the system.

3.    Refer to the owner’s manual for service intervals for the transmission and differential oils.  If you are a do-it-yourselfer, be sure to use the proper oil type and viscosity.

4.    Keep your vehicle clean, which can seem unnecessary, but it’s important to keep the underside clean and to get the winter road salt or chemicals off the car.  To maintain the paint job, it’s best to wax it every six months.

5.    Protect the interior plastic and vinyl parts by parking in the shade when possible, using a sun visor, and applying protectant to keep it from drying out.

6.    The driveline and all moving parts need lubrication to function properly and maintain their life.

7.    Brake fluid attracts moisture, and that means it can lead to corrosion and brake failure.  It’s best to bleed the system and replace the fluid once a year. 

CO Insurance Specialist

For over 30 years, CO Insurance Specialist have been helping people in the Wheat Ridge, CO area with insurance needs.  When it comes to auto insurance, we have the experience and expertise to help you find the right policy to fit your needs.  Contact an Insurance Specialist agent today.

What Business Owners Need to Know About Workers’ Comp Insurance

Despite the fact that you go to great lengths to keep your workspace safe, accidents do happen. When those accidents happen it can get expensive. Worker’s Compensation insurance is a way to protect yourself and your company from being held responsible for these costs.

What is Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation is an insurance policy that will kick in in the event that you have an employee who is injured on the job. This policy will pay for medical expenses and wage replacement while the employee is out of work. It will also pay for any liabilities that may result from a lawsuit. 

Why Do Employers Need This Insurance?

Employers are required by law in most states to carry workers’ compensation insurance. In addition to being required by law, this is a sound investment in the financial health of your company. Should an employee sustain a serious injury that would require extensive medical bills and much time out of work, you could be held liable through a lawsuit to pay for these expenses. This could put your entire company at risk if it were very costly. Paying the workers’ compensation premiums is much more affordable than being slammed with a hefty lawsuit. In addition, many workers view a good workers’ compensation plan as part of the benefits of being your employee. This tells them that you care about your employees and want to protect them. 

Is Everyone Required to Have This Insurance?

No, not all companies are required. Most states base their requirements on how many employees a company has on staff as well as other criteria. 

If you would like to learn more about workers’ compensation insurance, please contact our friendly staff at CO Insurance Specialist Wheat Ridge, CO. 

What is the difference between classic car insurance and regular auto insurance?

Everyone knows what auto insurance is. The buyer insures a vehicle in the event of an accident or other mishaps against damages, not only to the vehicle he or she owns but also to other vehicles involved in the mishap if the owner is found to be at fault. An auto insurance policy also covers property damage, medical expenses, and legal liability. Owners receive a settlement for the damaged car or its replacement value minus the depreciation, depending on the model, make, and year.

But what about a classic car, like a decades-old sports car or a rare, luxury vehicle like a Bentley or Rolls Royce? As CO Insurance Specialist, serving Wheat Ridge, CO would like to explain, a classic car is treated like any other luxury item, like jewels or furs. Classic car insurance thus covers an agreed-upon value of the vehicle. Generally, that value is assessed by a respected appraiser and listed in a guide book that lists classic cars.

The insured classic car should be in good condition. If the car is totaled in a wreck or an accident like a garage fire or is stolen and not recovered, the policy will pay for the full appraised cost of the vehicle.

Why should you get classic car insurance? A classic car represents a considerable investment, both in time and money. Owners of classic cars also enjoy keeping them running and in mint condition. A classic car insurance policy protects the investment and insures that the owner can at least have enough money to replace the item if the worst happens.

For more questions on classic car insurance, feel free to contact CO Insurance Specialist, serving Wheat Ridge, CO.