Tips for Storing Your Classic Car during Winter

If you are storing a classic car in Wheat Ridge, CO, there are some things to keep in mind so your car is ready to go come springtime. Even while your classic car is in the storage for the winter, you want to make sure it’s protected with a policy from CO Insurance Specialist.

Detail the Car: It’s important that the vehicle be clean and dry before being stored. You don’t want to forget the underside to protect the chrome as well. Don’t forget about the inside and the rubber areas so they don’t crack in the cold.

Replace Engine Oil: A car should be stored with fresh, clean oil, even if you recently changed it. The vehicle should be warmed up before you change the oil so contaminants are flushed away.

Lubricate Everything: Oil the trunk, hood, and door hinges to help keep pivot points in check.

Stabilize the Fuel: You will need to add a fuel stabilizer before you store the vehicle. It’s impossible to fully drain the engine so the remaining tiny droplets can be exposed to air and lead to engine problems when springtime comes.

Check the Coolant: Verify the radiator is filled with the right mix of water or coolant or you could have ice in the system.

Prepare the Battery: Run a trickle charger but be sure to always exercise safety when dealing with a battery. Store the battery in an unfrozen place off the ground and not on concrete.

Pay Attention to the Tires: Avoid flat-spotting the tires by having the tires be lifted off the ground, overinflating for storage, or allowing enough room to start the car and move it once a month.

Be Mindful of Rodents: There are plenty of home remedies you can use to make sure rodents won’t disturb the car.

Store in a Safe Location: Be sure your classic car in Wheat Ridge, CO is in a secured facility that is dry and doesn’t have a lot of light. Check windows and doors for watertight seals and security. Visit your car regularly and keep an eye on things.

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What does my home insurance cover?

Protecting your home in Wheat Ridge, CO gives you peace of mind and helps you feel secure that if anything were to happen, you could move on with your life and start again. It’s possible, though, that when you purchased your homeowner’s policy at CO Insurance Specialist that you focused more on questions like how much your limits and deductible were, and less on what is actually covered by your policy.

The main reason you have homeowners insurance is to protect your own belongings. Included in your protection are:

  • the actual physical property, including unattached structures like sheds in your yard;
  • your furniture and most of your decorations and treatments, like rugs and curtains (valuable artwork may not be covered unless otherwise stated);
  • your appliances large and small, like your refrigerator, stove, toaster, and washer and dryer;
  • your electronics, like your television, computers, and phones; and
  • your personal items, like clothing and books.

If there is ever a fire or theft, you may receive either a replacement or the actual cash value, depending on your policy. It is important to read your contract carefully and discuss it with your agent if you have any questions.

Your homeowner’s policy also provides general liability protection so that you are covered for bodily injury or property damage that occurs when you have visitors at your home in Wheat Ridge, CO. Those visitors may be just people who are walking in front of your home and fall, but if the fall is on your property you may be liable. 

If you have any questions about policy exclusions, it is always best to ask before there is a problem. You can often add-on protection to items not normally covered. If you want to make sure you are getting the protection your family needs, call CO Insurance Specialist today.

Getting Your Car Ready for Cold Weather

It’s not too early to start getting your car ready for winter. In fact, when you plan ahead and start working on car preps ahead of time, you make the task more manageable and less stressful. So with that in mind, check out these tips from CO Insurance Specialist serving Wheat Ridge, CO.

Consider snow tires

Not all cars in snowy climates have snow tires, but some indeed do. Consider adding snow tires if your home is in an area of very large amounts of snow.

Check windshield wiper blades

Being able to see really clearly while driving during winter is absolutely essential. You need great visibility, so replace your windshield wiper blades if needed. Test them out afterwards to make sure they’re working great.

Add windshield wiper fluid

It might seem minor, but adding windshield wiper fluid is really not minor. Keeping the windshield clean can make a huge difference in your visibility while driving.

Check tires

With tires, the first step is a professional inspection. So have a qualified professional inspect the tires and let you know whether to replace any of them.

Place safety kit in car

You need to keep an emergency kit with you in your vehicle  at all times. Put safety items like flashlights, snacks, extra blankets and bottled water in your emergency kit.

Have antifreeze on hand

Keep antifreeze on hand to use as needed. Use antifreeze with caution and only if necessary. Keep it away from all pets.

By being organized and methodical, you can get your car ready to keep you safe and warm all winter long. So complete these steps right away.

Special Coverage For A Special Car

When you drive a classic car, you tend to want to give it special care in every way possible. You don’t just take it to any old mechanic. If you can’t find an expert in Wheat Ridge, CO, you’re not above driving your car to the next town over to meet with someone who specializes in classic cars. You don’t just take it to the car wash, you scrub it down by hand and dry it with a chamois to keep it from streaking.

The same goes for your insurance, but here’s what a lot of people don’t know: Classic car insurance tends to be cheaper.

Obviously, there are a lot of factors that play into this. A classic car owner with a bad driving record is going to pay more. A classic car worth six figures is probably going to cost more to insure than a standard vehicle. But classic cars tend to be cheaper to insure, despite their special maintenance needs and value, primarily because classic car owners can be trusted to take excellent care of their cars. Someone who drives a classic Mustang isn’t just getting from point A to point B, their car is their hobby, their passion, they love driving and they’re going to take much better care of their car, on average, than someone driving a 2016 SUV.

Of course, to get a good deal, you need to get covered by an insurer that specializes in classic autos. A standard insurer is likely to treat your classic car like any other. CO Insurance Specialist knows what goes into owning and driving a classic car, and what goes into insuring it, so get in touch and see what we can do for you.

5 Tips for Protecting Your Home While on Vacation

With summer in full swing, you may be planning a vacation for you and your family. Before taking off on holiday, prep your home for security and safety while you’re gone. The following tips from CO Insurance Specialist can be helpful in protecting your Wheat Ridge, CO property during your absence.

Install a Home Security System

A home security system that includes alarm, window sensors, security cameras and security lights is sure to deter prospective thieves from targeting your property. By investing in a monitored security system, your company will notify the police immediately if there’s a security breach on your property while you’re gone.

Lock Up and Remove Spare keys

Lock all windows and doors before leaving and close curtains and blinds. If you have timers on one or two lights, make sure these lights are visible from the outside at night. Collect spare keys you’ve hidden on the property to reduce the risk of intruders finding them and gaining access to your home.

Stop Deliveries

If you’ll be gone for a week or more, put a stop on mail and newspaper deliveries until your return or ask a neighbor to pick these up, so they don’t pile up in your driveway or mailbox. Piled up newspapers and mail are a sure sign no one is home, making your home more susceptible to theft.

Programmable Thermostat

Invest in a programmable thermostat to control the temperature in your home during your absence. A smart thermostat will keep your home cool and dry during hot, humid weather so you don’t develop problems with mold or mildew.  

Update Home Insurance

Update your home insurance coverage to ensure your home and goods are well protected against unforeseen disasters while you’re gone.

For quality home insurance coverage to safeguard your Wheat Ridge, CO abode, contact CO Insurance Specialist today.

Understanding Condo Insurance

Condo insurance is different from home insurance for a detached single-family home because there may be shared walls, floors, ceilings, and common areas. To make sure you have adequate condo insurance, it is important to know what part of the facilities are the building’s responsibility and who is responsible if something goes wrong.

Get a Condo Insurance Review

The easy way to figure this out is to get a copy of any master insurance for the property from the facility management. Keep a copy for yourself and make another one to give a copy of this policy to your insurance agent at CO Insurance Specialist serving Wheat Ridge, CO and the nearby area.

If there is a condo owners’ association (COA) and some rules published by them, give a copy of the rules to your insurance agent as well.

Your agent will then do an insurance review and evaluation to be able to make recommendations of the condo insurance needed for adequate protection for the condo itself.

Make an Inventory of Personal Property

Not only will you want to insure the condo, but you will also want to get replacement cost coverage for its contents. Make a list of all the personal property you have. Include model numbers and the cost paid for the items. If you have receipts, make copies of these for your insurance agent.

Make a videotape and record yourself describing all the items as you walk around the condo. Be sure to videotape everything and zoom in to get a close up of all the items. Give a copy of the video to your insurance agent.

Update Condo Insurance as Needed

If anything changes substantially, such as you buy an expensive item, call your agent to inform them about the change.  At least once each year have another insurance review to make sure the coverage remains at the proper level.

To get a quote for condo insurance contact your agent at CO Insurance Specialist in Wheat Ridge, CO today.

Keeping your brakes maintained will prevent accidents

Your brakes are one of the most important parts of your vehicle for driver safety. Brake failure can cause a horrendous collision with the vehicle in front of you. Such an accident can total your car and cause either severe injury or even death.

CO Insurance Specialist, serving Wheat Ridge, CO, has a few tips to make sure your brakes keep operating the way they are supposed to.

Your brakes will be checked as part of your scheduled maintenance. It, therefore, behooves you to take your vehicle to a reputable garage to get it checked out according to the schedule set out in your owner’s manual.

In between scheduled maintenance, it is a good idea to be alert for signs of impending brake failure. If your brake light comes on while you’re behind the wheel, you need to pull over immediately and call your auto club to get a tow to the mechanic you use for maintenance.

Strange noises coming from the wheels, such as scraping, squealing, squeaking are good signs that you need your brakes looked at and repaired. If your vehicle vibrates or wobbles when you brake, you need to take your vehicle in at the first opportunity.

If you notice leaking brake fluid on the wheels or the pavement of your driveway, brake failure will happen very soon.

Other signs include the brake pedal feeling soft or spongy, the vehicle pulling to one side, or bouncing during a hard stop. A burning smell could mean brake failure, along with a lot of other things that you need to get looked at right away.

For more information on auto safety and auto insurance, please contact CO Insurance Specialist, serving Wheat Ridge, CO.

How Flexible is Your Classic Car Insurance?

Your classic car likely brings you a lot of joy. Even other drivers and passengers in their cars will turn their heads and have a happy moment when they see you drive by. The feel of the leather seats, the sound of the old and well-kept engine, stepping back to a simpler time. The reasons for enjoying a classic car can go on and on. There may be even more when it comes to classic car insurance with CO Insurance Specialist. We serve classic car enthusiasts in Wheat Ridge CO and the rest of the state. 

What Should You Ask When It Comes to Your Classic Car Insurance? 

  • Are There Mileage Limits? Ask this question to protect yourself if you drive your classic car often. Sometimes there are no limits, but there can be a limit on the mileage you can put on your car and still have classic car insurance to protect it. 
  • Can You Save Money If It is Not Your Daily Driver? The answer is likely yes, but be sure to check and find out about possible savings and driving limitations. 
  • What is The Difference in Agreed and Stated Value?  You and your insurer will need to come to an agreement about the car’s value in order to have classic car insurance. With a new vehicle, this is easy as looking up the stated value, but classic car values can vary greatly. 
  • Can my Race Car Qualify for Classic Car Insurance? Maybe, but you will need to agree to any limitations and your car will have to qualify by age and other factors. Be sure to ask our agent. 

Contact us at CO Insurance Specialist to find out how we can save you on classic car insurance in Wheat Ridge, CO. 

Choosing the Best Wheat Ridge, CO Commercial Insurance

Having commercial insurance is an important part of operating a business. If you are not covered correctly, your Wheat Ridge, CO company could be at risk. You also want to make sure you are protecting your employees and customers. You can do that in quite a few different ways, but insurance is one of the ways you will want to focus on. Here is what you should know when choosing your insurance from CO Insurance Specialist.

Not All Businesses Need the Same Type of Insurance

There are a lot of different kinds of businesses, and they all have different insurance needs. A large, industrial company will not need the same kind of coverage as a small office. That is important to keep in mind. While you want to have enough coverage, you also do not want a lot of coverage that is really not needed. Knowing what your business really needs can help you choose the right policy.

Working With an Agent You Trust Helps

One of the best ways to get proper coverage is to work with a trusted company and agent. Then you have the peace of mind that comes with working with a professional, and you can get all your commercial insurance questions answered. An agent can tell you about your options, and help you pick the one that will give you the coverage you need.

As Your Needs Change, So Should Your Insurance

Your commercial business may grow and develop over time. If it does your insurance needs will change, too. Contact us at CO Insurance Specialist today, and let us help you get the right commercial policy for your Wheat Ridge, CO business. Then you can have peace of mind all the time, even as your business continues to grow.

Understanding your options for home insurance in Colorado

Colorado residents face a lot of potentially damaging weather conditions, from hail storms to flooding and excessive snowfall. If you are a homeowner in the greater Wheat Ridge, CO area, it’s time to meet with the team at CO Insurance Specialist to find out more about your coverage options. There are many different types of home insurance available in Colorado which can sometimes make the policy selection process overwhelming. 

There are a Variety of Home Insurance Options Available

Finding the right insurance policy to protect your home is an important decision for many different reasons. Your home is likely your largest financial investment and where your family feels safe and secure. Don’t leave the protection of this important part of your life to chance. A comprehensive home insurance policy can protect your home and belongings and help you make it through many catastrophes. Life can be unpredictable and knowing that you have protection in place can help to give you the peace of mind that you need to live a stress-free life. 

Whether you have a workshop or other outbuilding that needs to be included in your policy, or you have a lot of expensive personal items that need coverage, there is a policy that is appropriate for your needs. Working with a professional agent can help you make the selection process more streamlined and efficient and help you get the coverage that you and your family need. With the correct home insurance policy, you can meet all of your coverage needs.

Call or stop by CO Insurance Specialist today and meet with our helpful team to learn more about your home insurance options. We are proud to serve the Wheat Ridge, CO area and look forward to working with you soon!