Tips for Storing Your Classic Car during Winter

If you are storing a classic car in Wheat Ridge, CO, there are some things to keep in mind so your car is ready to go come springtime. Even while your classic car is in the storage for the winter, you want to make sure it’s protected with a policy from CO Insurance Specialist.

Detail the Car: It’s important that the vehicle be clean and dry before being stored. You don’t want to forget the underside to protect the chrome as well. Don’t forget about the inside and the rubber areas so they don’t crack in the cold.

Replace Engine Oil: A car should be stored with fresh, clean oil, even if you recently changed it. The vehicle should be warmed up before you change the oil so contaminants are flushed away.

Lubricate Everything: Oil the trunk, hood, and door hinges to help keep pivot points in check.

Stabilize the Fuel: You will need to add a fuel stabilizer before you store the vehicle. It’s impossible to fully drain the engine so the remaining tiny droplets can be exposed to air and lead to engine problems when springtime comes.

Check the Coolant: Verify the radiator is filled with the right mix of water or coolant or you could have ice in the system.

Prepare the Battery: Run a trickle charger but be sure to always exercise safety when dealing with a battery. Store the battery in an unfrozen place off the ground and not on concrete.

Pay Attention to the Tires: Avoid flat-spotting the tires by having the tires be lifted off the ground, overinflating for storage, or allowing enough room to start the car and move it once a month.

Be Mindful of Rodents: There are plenty of home remedies you can use to make sure rodents won’t disturb the car.

Store in a Safe Location: Be sure your classic car in Wheat Ridge, CO is in a secured facility that is dry and doesn’t have a lot of light. Check windows and doors for watertight seals and security. Visit your car regularly and keep an eye on things.

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