What does my home insurance cover?

Protecting your home in Wheat Ridge, CO gives you peace of mind and helps you feel secure that if anything were to happen, you could move on with your life and start again. It’s possible, though, that when you purchased your homeowner’s policy at CO Insurance Specialist that you focused more on questions like how much your limits and deductible were, and less on what is actually covered by your policy.

The main reason you have homeowners insurance is to protect your own belongings. Included in your protection are:

  • the actual physical property, including unattached structures like sheds in your yard;
  • your furniture and most of your decorations and treatments, like rugs and curtains (valuable artwork may not be covered unless otherwise stated);
  • your appliances large and small, like your refrigerator, stove, toaster, and washer and dryer;
  • your electronics, like your television, computers, and phones; and
  • your personal items, like clothing and books.

If there is ever a fire or theft, you may receive either a replacement or the actual cash value, depending on your policy. It is important to read your contract carefully and discuss it with your agent if you have any questions.

Your homeowner’s policy also provides general liability protection so that you are covered for bodily injury or property damage that occurs when you have visitors at your home in Wheat Ridge, CO. Those visitors may be just people who are walking in front of your home and fall, but if the fall is on your property you may be liable. 

If you have any questions about policy exclusions, it is always best to ask before there is a problem. You can often add-on protection to items not normally covered. If you want to make sure you are getting the protection your family needs, call CO Insurance Specialist today.