What You Need to Know About Adding Teens to Your Insurance

Having a teen driver in the house can be cause for anxiety for a lot of parents. This is new territory and can feel intimidating. However, by taking certain steps you can make this transitional time less stressful. It is important to make sure you have all of your bases covered, however. Keep reading to learn more about adding teen drivers to your insurance.

How Can I Keep My Teen Safe?

The most critical question in parents’ minds is how to keep their teen safe while driving. First, have open honest talks about texting and driving. It is so important for teens to understand that texting and driving is not allowed, ever. Next, make sure your teen participates in a driver’s ed program. These programs are very effective at producing safer drivers. Next, stay involved. Work patiently with your teen while they are learning to drive. Do not stress them out with your anxiety. Relax. 

When To Add My Teen To My Insurance

You will need to talk to your insurance provider to learn exactly when you will need to add your new teen driver to your policy. Be prepared for a change in your rates. This is unavoidable. There are ways to get discounts, however. Some providers make discounts for good grades, and of course explain to your teen that in order to keep insurance costs low, they must avoid unsafe driving practices and accidents. 

Set Clear Consequences

If your teen does not abide by safety rules and family rules, then there should be clear consequences in place. This will help your teen understand just how serious driving is, and how expensive it can get when you are not careful. 

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