What you need to know about home insurance policy

What is a home insurance policy?

It is a policy that offers coverage for damage to your home, either caused by lightning, hail storms, or fire. The cover provides financial protection for home and belongings. It covers repair or replacement of the house or belongings damaged as a result of specified perils. Liability coverage is also provided for accidents in the home or property. Damage to other people’s property or injuries attained by visitors while within your property are covered by this policy.

Wheat Ridge, CO regularly experiences severe winds and hail storms in summer and blizzards in the winter. Your home must be covered to prevent financial losses from natural disasters. Our dedicated CO Insurance Specialist agents are well familiar with the risks of being a homeowner in this region. There are exemptions to what is covered in a home insurance policy with Earthquakes and floods not being covered.

We know that your home is a valued asset, and CO Insurance Specialist agents will walk with you in identifying the best policy for your home.

The basics of a home insurance policy.

With the risk of property damage very high in Wheat Ridge, CO, here are the basics of what your home insurance cover should entail

  • Coverage of your personal belongings- Furniture, clothes, and personal belongings are covered if damaged by the agreed perils.
  • Coverage for the structure of your home- A standard home policy will pay for repairs or cost rebuilding damaged property from wind, hail storms, or fires.

Coverage for liability protection- You are covered against lawsuits as a result of bodily damage or property damage caused by you or your family member. Limits of coverage vary, and it would be essential to discuss this with CO Insurance Specialist agents

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