How a Speeding Ticket Affects Your Auto Insurance

Maybe you were in a hurry to pick your kids up from school, maybe you were running late for an appointment or maybe you just did not realize how fast you were driving. Regardless of why you were speeding, when the red and blue lights flash behind you and the officer writes you a ticket, you may immediately wonder how this will affect your auto insurance. Here is some information you should know if you are facing this situation.

A First Ticket May Not Affect You That Much

In some states, you can participate in driving school every two to five years to have one traffic ticket erased from your record. While Colorado is not one of these states, many insurers may overlook your ticket or reduce the amount of a ticket increase if you participate in traffic school after you get a ticket. This may limit the effects that a rare speeding ticket has on you.

When You Will See an Increase in Your Policy Amount

If your insurer will not allow you to take traffic school to reduce your rates, or you have multiple traffic tickets, you can expect your rates to rise when your current policy period ends. The amount of the increase will vary from company to company and depends on your record. Someone with two tickets will not see as big an increase as someone with an accident and two tickets, for example.

If you have a speeding ticket and your insurance rates have increased, you may be looking to price out insurance policies without companies. Call CO Insurance Specialist serving Wheat Ridge, CO today for a free price quote today. We offer affordable rates, even if you have an accident or ticket on your driving record.

Tips to Survive Being Stranded in Your Car During a Snow Storm

Every winter there are news stories about folks who were trapped in the car during a snow storm. Whether you live in Wheat Ridge CO or another part of the country, would you know how to survive being stranded in your car during a snow storm? Preparation is one of the main sources for survival, but you should also know what to do while you are in the vehicle. Here are a few tips to help you survive being stranded.

Be Prepared

There are several things you can do now that will be extremely helpful should you find yourself stranded during a snow storm. How to be prepared:

  • You should always have a minimum of ¾ of a tank of gas when driving during the winter. If there is an emergency, you will need gas for heat.
  • Pack an emergency bag for the car that includes a fleece blanket or sleeping bag, a first aid kit, non-perishable snacks and water. You should also have a container, such as a bucket that can be used to collect snow in case you run out of water.
  • Before Traveling don’t forget to check with CO Insurance Specialist to make sure your automobile policy is up to date.

How to Survive Being Stranded

Should you become stranded, the first thing to do is to remain calm, do not panic. You should also be prepared to not rely on technology, such as a GPS or cell phone because these devices often lose service in this type of situation. Do not leave your car. If people are looking for you, it will be for them to find your car than you. You also have a better chance of survival when you stay in your car as opposed to trying to walk to safety. However, if you are familiar with your surroundings, your can is in an unsafe spot and you can safely walk to a building, then it would be safer to exit the car. While in the car:

  • Wear your seat belt at all times. When the roads are snow covered, it is easy for another driver to slide into a stranded car.
  • Make sure to slightly crack the window to prevent carbon monoxide fumes from getting in the vehicle while it is running. Make sure to check the tailpipe occasionally to remove any snow that may have blown around it (this will help prevent carbon monoxide from entering the car).
  • Only run the motor for 10 minutes every hour. This will give you an opportunity to heat the car up and melt the snow as well as help to conserve your gas.

If you are certain you are stuck and can’t be freed, turn the car off right away. The car has most likely warmed up while you were driving, so turning the motor off first thing will allow you to conserve the battery and gas. Try your cell phone, if it doesn’t work, keep it on in case someone trying to call you is able to get through. Remember to stay calm, bundle up and know that help will be along soon.

Residents of Wheat Ridge, CO should contact CO Insurance Specialist to review their current automobile insurance policy or to upgrade their current policy.


Safe Driving On Snowy Colorado Roads

Here’s your most important tip for driving on snowy roads in Wheat Ridge, CO: When it’s coming down so hard you can’t see fifty feet in front of you, turn around and go back home if you can.

If you can stay out of the icy, snowy roads, then that’s really for the best, but if that’s not an option, here are some tips:

  • Slow down!

This is especially important in limited visibility.

  • Give yourself twice as much time to brake.

If you’re one of those people that slams on your brakes right at the stop sign, that’s going to send you skidding out into the intersection on an icy Colorado road.

  • Give your car time to warm up.

If you start gunning it the second you turn your key, you’re going to damage frigid, frozen parts that are not ready to be moving just yet. Metal isn’t as hard as it looks, it has a little bit of give to it that makes it flexible and allows it to run safely without fracturing, but it has to warm up for that to work.

  • Do not take unnecessary trips.

Do you really need a Mountain Dew and a bag of potato chips right now, or can it wait until the sun comes out? The less time you spend on the road, the less likely you are to get into an accident.

  • Pack blankets.

You never know when you’re going to wind up stuck on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck. Make sure you have the means to stay warm if the heat goes out.

And of course, make sure that you have adequate insurance. Contact CO Insurance Specialist for free quotes and stay safe.


3 Reasons to Purchase Auto Insurance in Colorado

For motorists who reside within the state of Colorado, obtaining quality auto insurance coverage should be a top priority. Regardless of skill level or even the value of your vehicle, every motorist should always maintain auto insurance coverage. For those who are of the belief that auto insurance isn’t a vital component of operating a functional vehicle, keep reading. 

Colorado State Law 

First and foremost, obtaining sufficient auto insurance coverage is literally the law. In order to operate a vehicle within the state of Colorado, you must have coverage that complies with state regulations. No matter if you select the bare minimum or opt for full coverage, you must have some sort of coverage to legally operate your vehicle. 

Protection against Natural Disasters 

Moreover, a state routinely stricken by tornadoes, flooding, and more, acquiring quality auto insurance can help protect your car in the event that sustains sizable damages due to unforeseen/ uncontrollable weather events. Rather than leaving it to chance, by acquiring quality auto coverage, you will ensure that your car is protected against even the most horrific of circumstances.

Avoid Lawsuits

Lastly, without sufficient auto insurance, you could end up on the receiving end of a costly lawsuit. By acquiring quality coverage, you are protecting your vehicle against costs incurred due to accidents. Without sufficient coverage, individuals or businesses will be able to come after you and your assets directly. 

Overall, for those seeking quality auto coverage in Wheat Ridge, CO Insurance Specialist is the way to go. Offering friendly service, quick quotes, and discounted prices, contact us today to find out how you can begin your auto policy today! 

How to Find the Best Used Family Vehicles

Perhaps you need to replace an aging family vehicle that frequently needs expensive repairs. On the other hand, maybe you’ve recently started a family and need a larger car. These tips can help you find a dependable yet affordable used auto in Colorado:

1. Make a list of important considerations and take notes about individual vehicles. Remember to test lights, inspect tires and check for signs of odometer fraud, such as misaligned digits.

2. Think about buying a certified pre-owned car from a dealership. These vehicles include long-term warranties and undergo extra inspections. They cost somewhat more than typical used autos, but your family will appreciate their reliability.

3. If you’re interested in a certain car, write down its VIN and check for any safety recalls that have yet to be addressed. You may do this by calling the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or visiting their website.

4. Kids benefit from child-specific safety features. Check used autos for anti-pinch windows, automatic door locks and air bags that you can switch off. Children up to 12 years old shouldn’t sit in the front passenger seat if it has an active air bag.

5. Pay a trusted mechanic to thoroughly examine a family vehicle before you buy it. Don’t purchase an automobile from a seller who refuses to let you do this.

6. Take the time to find out how much it costs to maintain and operate a specific vehicle. Look up the model’s average fuel, tire, repair and insurance expenses.

After you buy a family car, Colorado law requires you to obtain auto insurance. Drivers in the Centennial State can benefit from comparing their options with CO Insurance Specialist. To review your current policy or sign up for new coverage with an agent at our Wheat Ridge office.

What to Expect With Your Auto Insurance After a DUI

Everyone knows that you should not drive drunk. However, people are human and we all make mistakes. If you find yourself charged with a DUI, there are many costs and fines you may incur. But what you may not know is that you may experience changes in your car insurance. Here is what you should expect to happen to your auto insurance policy after getting a DUI.

Possible Cancelation

Many insurance companies will cancel your auto insurance policy outright if you are charged with and/or convicted of a driving under the influence charge. This is because they don’t want to be responsible for your possibly doing it again. If your policy is canceled, it is important to find a new policy quickly, so that you aren’t driving around uninsured or have a lapse in coverage.

Drastic Price Increase

If your insurance policy is not canceled, or you are shopping around for a new one, you will notice a drastic price increase in your insurance. This is because you are now a huge liability. And unfortunately, it can stay on your driving record for seven years in Colorado. This means that your premiums will be high for many years to come. Taking the time to compare prices will help you get the best possible rate out there, even with a DUI.

Were you charged with a DUI? Are you looking for a new auto insurance policy in the greater Wheatridge, CO area? If so, give CO Insurance Specialist a buzz today. We can help you get insurance or price out new insurance policies to ensure you are still paying a fair and reasonable price.

Steps to Find the Wheat Ridge, CO Auto Insurance for Your Needs

Auto Insurance is something that most people need.  It is even required in many states. However, many people have a hard time deciding on the right auto insurance policy and even more make the mistake of choosing the right company for their insurance needs. It can cause a lot of issues if care is not taken during this initial process. Before signing up for a Wheat Ridge, CO auto insurance policy, use these tips to make sure you get exactly what you need.

  • Do not just purchase the lowest priced policy. When it comes to auto policies, cheaper is not usually better. You pay for it in the long run because you will likely have gaps in coverage or you will have to deal with terrible customer service, which is not fun when you have an accident to pay for.
  • Take a look at the online reviews for the company. The company reviews are just as important as the policy coverage. You should look at recent reviews from recent or current customers to see how they help their customers and if they are easy to work with. There is no better way to ensure you are going with a great carrier.
  • Make sure you take a look at the fine print. Examine the policy to ensure the coverage you want is included with what you were quoted. The last thing you want to find is a gap in coverage that you did not know was there. Taking the time to review this before purchasing is very important.

For more information about auto policies or to have us take a look at your current policy, contact us at CO Insurance Specialist today. We will even be happy to generate a new auto insurance quote for you.

What Your Teen Driver Needs to Know Before Hitting the Road

With all the preparation that parents put into readying their teens for driving, perhaps the most important are the conversations had at home before any solo driving takes place. Simple conversations about what to expect, laws to obey, safety, and any questions or concerns they may have can make the difference between an accident and a driver ready for the open road.

Talk about what Colorado law states about teen driving. Make sure you and your child have an understanding of all the specific rules. By figuring it all out together, you are building a strong foundation of trust to ensure they will come to you with any uncertainty. Also make sure that your teen knows what their allowances for night driving are as well. Driving at night can be the most dangerous time for new drivers and they should slowly get used to this. Most communities have an under 18 curfew too, so you should both be aware of when they need to be in for the night.

While you want to assume that your newly legal driver will work hard to obey the laws and rules that you set out, it is highly likely that they will have a slip up or two. Work hard to build the kind of relationship with them that encourages them to turn to you in those moments. Let them know that you have their safety in mind and if the rules are violated too badly they will be without privileges until they can prove their responsibility.

By having these sometimes hard conversations with you teen driver, you are preparing them to have the best possible driving experience with a large emphasis on learning the ways of the road. It is just the very first step in a long process to adult driving. Another step you need to consider before sending them off down the road is that they are insured well under your policy. Call one of our knowledgeable agents at CO Insurance Specialist today to double check that your teens coverage is everything you need it to be.


Rules of the Road for Cyclists and Those Around Them

Rules For Cyclists

State law in Colorado allows for cyclists to ride single-file in the rightmost part of the road. If there is a designated bike path, then you can spread to two abreast. Never weave between vehicles, even the parked cars on the side of the road. All cyclists should review the prescribed methods of signaling their intent to turn and how to move along with traffic.

You should also check with your local county or municipality for information on additional regulations concerning the use of bicycles. For example, cyclists in Colorado can typically ride on the right-hand side of the road, but residents of more densely populated areas like Boulder will need to stick to sidewalks and designated paths.

For Drivers

Automobile operators should be familiar with the turning signals used by cyclists to accurately predict their movements. Generally speaking, drivers should treat bicycles like pedestrians who can move slightly faster and have a right to portions of the road. Even in urban areas with tighter restrictions on where bicycles can be ridden, it is a driver’s moral obligation to do everything they can to avoid an accident that will cause minor damage to their car while being potentially fatal for the cyclist. Returning to Boulder, it is a driver’s legal obligation to yield to cyclists even though bikes are also subject to tighter restrictions.

For both drivers in their cars and cyclists pedaling down the road, a CO Insurance Specialist will help protect against the financial damages that can accompany an unfortunate accident. They can also help better explain the traffic laws of your local area in a way that will give you the information necessary to make the right decision on the road for avoiding accidents.

Don’t Let Your Motorcycle Get Stolen

Your motorcycle is important to you. Almost a part of the family. So, it’s essential that you know how to protect it when you can’t be near. Here are some tips on how to do just that. Did you know that most motorcycle theft occurs when the ignition shuts off, but is not locked? Lock your ignition. It gives the criminal another step in his process and might make the difference.

Whenever you can, lock your bike to a stationary object that cannot be taken apart. A light pole is a great example. This will deter the thief who is looking for the easy score. Give the criminal as many reasons as you can to not steal the bike. Do you travel with other motorcycle enthusiasts? If so, think about locking your bikes together. This involves forward thinking and thieves do not want any part of that. Criminals do not like people who can think for themselves.

Can you find a security camera when you’ve stopped for the night at a hotel? Start doing this. Usually those areas are well lit and if your bike is tampered with you will have video evidence to help catch the criminal.

Where is the bike’s title kept? Do not keep it in the compartment used for storage on the bike, or any other place that a criminal can get to if you are not there. Keep it off the bike.

Place an exclusive mark on the bike and take photos. The police will have a much easier time of identifying your bike because of this.

When attending a public event, check your bike every once in a while, especially after you have just gotten off. Thieves know that this is prime time for a crime because the rider rarely comes back to check.

Your CO Insurance Specialist has motorcycle coverage especially for you. Give them a call to see what plan is best.