Keeping your brakes maintained will prevent accidents

Your brakes are one of the most important parts of your vehicle for driver safety. Brake failure can cause a horrendous collision with the vehicle in front of you. Such an accident can total your car and cause either severe injury or even death.

CO Insurance Specialist, serving Wheat Ridge, CO, has a few tips to make sure your brakes keep operating the way they are supposed to.

Your brakes will be checked as part of your scheduled maintenance. It, therefore, behooves you to take your vehicle to a reputable garage to get it checked out according to the schedule set out in your owner’s manual.

In between scheduled maintenance, it is a good idea to be alert for signs of impending brake failure. If your brake light comes on while you’re behind the wheel, you need to pull over immediately and call your auto club to get a tow to the mechanic you use for maintenance.

Strange noises coming from the wheels, such as scraping, squealing, squeaking are good signs that you need your brakes looked at and repaired. If your vehicle vibrates or wobbles when you brake, you need to take your vehicle in at the first opportunity.

If you notice leaking brake fluid on the wheels or the pavement of your driveway, brake failure will happen very soon.

Other signs include the brake pedal feeling soft or spongy, the vehicle pulling to one side, or bouncing during a hard stop. A burning smell could mean brake failure, along with a lot of other things that you need to get looked at right away.

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